A History of Excellence

Centrally based in Boonville, Indiana, Prime Foods, LLC was founded by Freeman Kramer who sold live chicken, eggs and cream to southern Indiana businesses. Excellence in products and service proved to be a winning approach, and Freeman’s success allowed him to expand the company and to add the grading and packaging of his own private egg label.

Glenn Kramer, Freeman’s son, took over the helm of Prime Foods in 1974 after years of learning the family business and his father’s emphasis on serving customers. During the late 1970’s and 1980’s, the company turned primarily to producing and distributing egg and egg products. In 1993, Prime Foods began carrying a full line of liquid and frozen egg products as well as shell eggs.

In 2000 Jay Kramer, Glen’s son, joined the company and expanded Prime Food’s offerings to include hard cooked eggs, which has since become our main focus. With year-over-year sales increases, additional space was required and the company opened a warehouse in Boonville that separated the wholesale and manufacturing sides of the business.

After Glenn passed away in 2006 following a lengthy illness, Jay assumed the role of CEO. Under his leadership, Prime Foods now emphasizes shell egg production as well as shell egg and egg product wholesaling and distribution.