Kramer Farms Gourmet Flavor Deviled Egg Kits

Gourmet Flavor at Home or From the Deli

Old favorites meet new favorites with Kramer Farms Gourmet Flavor Deviled Egg Kits. Perfect for the deli and dairy aisles, these tempting Deviled Egg Kits offer a huge convenience for the home cook. And with a preparation convenience-upcharge, a solid revenue stream for delis.

  • Kits contain 12 halved, peeled, hard-cooked eggs; prepare up to 24 delicious deviled eggs
  • Each Kit flavor includes spouted filling pouches and a decorative tip
  • Ideal for home or deli use
  • Long 60-day shelf life

*Other flavors available

Classic Deviled Egg Kit

Egg White Halves and Filling in a Spouted Pouch.
One Kit Makes 144 Deviled Egg Halves.

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