Kramer Farms 12 Paks

Kramer Farms: Catching the Consumer’s Eye

Our 12 Pak of Premium Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs

Kramer Farms 12 Paks are perfect for the dairy section of higher-end grocery stores, offering individuals and families fresh, high-quality, hard-cooked peeled eggs in eye-catching packaging.

During product testing, focus groups scored Kramer Farms packaging higher than its competitors on every point of comparison including brand name, image on the package, reclosable bag for storage, and how easy it is to see that the Kramer Farms pack contains fresh hard-cooked, peeled eggs. That’s instant product recognition and repeat sales, because Kramer Farms eggs ARE a high-quality, fresh product that will delight customers.

Kramer Farms 12 Paks: Attractive packaging, quality product, and repeat sales.