Kramer Farms Twin Paks

Kramer Farms: Catching the Consumer’s Eye

Our Twin Pak of 24 Hard-Cooked Eggs

Ideal for club stores, Kramer Farms Twin Paks are designed for families on the go and for easy, quick salads.

During product testing, focus groups scored Kramer Farms packaging higher than its competitors on every point of comparison including brand name, image on the package, reclosable bag for storage, and how easy it is to see that Kramer Farms packs contain fresh hard-cooked, peeled eggs. That’s instant product recognition and repeat sales, because Kramer Farms eggs ARE a high-quality, fresh product that will delight customers.

Boxed Kramer Farms units are easy to stack and store with your refrigerated inventory. Because Kramer Farms Hard-Cooked, Peeled Eggs have a 70-day shelf life, there is minimal waste. And, the packing boxes are designed to convert easily for shelf displays, so stocking is simple and neat! Packing boxes are printed with the product logo and branding elements, providing an attractive, eye-catching display for refrigerated cases.

Kramer Farms Twin Paks: Attractive packaging, quality product, and repeat sales.

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