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Delicious High-Protein PacksKramer Farms proudly introduces PRO-GO Protein Packs from our branded line of high-protein snack solutions. PRO-GO Protein Packs combine the quality nutrition of Kramer Farms Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs with other taste-tempting items. The result is a balance of protein, calcium and carbohydrates. Kramer Farms PRO-GO Protein Packs satisfy that growing demand for high protein options.

Four Delicious Combinations
All Kramer Farms PRO-GO Protein Packs contain a quality Hard-Cooked Peeled Egg paired with a variety of cheeses and/or meats.

  • PRO-GO Protein Pack -Blue: 2 Kramer Farms Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs with Fork, Knife, Napkin, Salt and Pepper.
  • PRO-GO Protein Pack – Red: 2 Kramer Farms Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs with Mild Cheddar Cheese.
  • PRO-GO Protein Pack – Orange: Kramer Farms Hard-Cooked Peeled Egg with Colby Cheese and Dark Chocolate Coated Almonds.
  • PRO-GO Protein Pack – Purple: Kramer Farms Hard-Cooked Peeled Egg with Colby Jack Cheese and Abruzzese Salami.


Eggs on the Run - 2-Pack

American buyers are increasingly motivated by ready-to-eat foods that are healthy and versatile. That’s why sales show ready-to-eat eggs growing sharply in the convenience foods category. Hard-cooked, ready-to-eat eggs are high in protein and vitamin A and low in carbohydrates – making them appealing and very convenient for health-conscious consumers looking for to-go foods that are low-fat and nutritious. Plus, they taste good!

Planning for Your Profits – At Prime Foods, we’ve taken time and done the work to develop a brand and effective packaging that sells Eggs on the Run™ hard cooked eggs in convenience stores, trucks stops, discount grocery stores and other outlets.

Product Quality – We’re confident not only about our packaging. We are confident about the eggs inside – and you can be too – because Prime Foods has stood for freshness, high quality and food safety for more than 75 years.

Why Consumers are Buying Eggs on the Run™ – Our Eggs on the Run 2-Packs come in a simple pillow package that is easy to open and convenient to eat anywhere – and that’s creating repeat sales.

Eggs on the Run™ 6-packs come in two options: A a re-sealable zip-close bag and in a light weight and smaller pillow pack. Buyers like the convenience of the re-sealable bag, and the retailer likes the choice of display footprints. The consumer also likes the clear windows on both packages because they want to see the eggs before buying them.

Stacking, Storage – Boxed Eggs on the Run™ 2- and 6-pack units are easy to stack and store with your refrigerated inventory, and they’re easy to display. Because Eggs on the Run have a 70-day shelf life, there is little or no waste.

Attractive Display; Easy to Stock – Eggs on the Run™ packing boxes are printed with the product logo and brand elements, so the boxes themselves are eye-catching when you choose to use them for displaying 2- and 6-pack units. Our packing boxes are designed to convert easily for shelf displays, so stocking is simple and neat!

Eggs on the Run - 6-Pack