Prime Foods Cares for Our Neighbors

A Story of Chainsaws and Freezers

On May 9, 2014, a 35-mile stretch of southwest Indiana was heavily impacted by a “macroburst,” extremely powerful straight-line winds from a thunderstorm. Maximum wind speed was an astonishing 120 miles per hour, and the damage path varied from two to four miles in width. The town of Boonville was particularly hard-hit; that’s our home town.

Prime Foods wasted no time helping to clean up storm damage for a number of affected families. Perhaps even more importantly, several area schools lost power, threatening their extensive supplies of frozen food with spoilage. Fortunately, power at our plant was restored quickly, and we had ample freezer space to accommodate the schools’ needs. We’re proud to play a role in ensuring the food safety of our children while also avoiding the waste of the taxpayer dollars that purchased the frozen items.

This is our town, and these are our friends and neighbors.