Introducing Our Gourmet Deviled Egg Kits!

Prime Foods is proud to present our Kramer Farms Gourmet Flavor Deviled Eggs Kits, offering four flavor gourmet options for deviled egg lovers!

These attractively packaged, eye-catching kits contain everything the consumer needs to be the hit of the party. With our four mouth-watering flavors, there’s something for everyone.

Kramer Farms Gourmet Flavor Deviled Eggs Kits contain 24 large egg white halves that customers can fill with Barbecue, Sriracha, Bacon Jalapeño, and Traditional flavor goodness. The Kits include spouted filling pouches with a decorative tip, making a professional appearance easy to achieve.

Whether for the family, guests or a party, Kramer Farms Gourmet Flavor Deviled Eggs Kits take much of the time and effort out of deviled egg preparation, so your customers can focus on having a good time while offering delicious, “home-made” deviled eggs!

Kramer Farms Gourmet Flavor Deviled Eggs Kits are also ideal for deli use, allowing quick preparation of cases of up to 24 delicious deviled eggs. Delis may also offer to fill the egg halves for time-pressed customers for a small fee or free of charge. They are certain to appreciate the service, and appreciative customers are repeat customers.

Taste-test our delicious Deviled Egg offerings at Deli-Dairy-Bake 2015, Atlanta, Booth #4070!