Our High-Protein Meals & Snack Packs

Eggs on the Run PRO-Go Snack Packs

We’re proud to introduce our Eggs on the Run branded line of high-protein meals and snacks: PRO-Go!

Portable and delicious, Pro-Go Snack Packs combine the goodness of a hard-cooked egg with a variety of delicious cheeses and palate-pleasing, yogurt- or chocolate-coated almonds. Each Pro-Go Snack Pack provides a lasting, satisfying balance of protein and carbohydrates, including 13 grams of protein for that workout recovery snack.


Eggs on the Run PRO-Go Plus High-Protein Meals

Our PRO-Go Plus High-Protein Meals are convenient, portable meal alternatives that are perfect for today’s on-the-go consumer. Ideal for convenience stores and discount grocery sales, each delicious meal contains 23 grams of protein from a variety of sources: a high-quality, hard-cooked egg; hummus or peanut butter; cheese; and almonds. The variety of items broadens the appeal of the meals.


Kramer Farms PRO-Go Plus Meal Packs

Our Kramer Farms Pro-Go Plus Meal Packs contain the same delicious variety as our Eggs on the Run branded meal packs; however, the hard-cooked egg is replaced by a Kramer Farms Omega 3 660mg premium hard-cooked egg, Increasing one’s intake of heart-healthy Omega 3’s is a hot nutritional topic, and Kramer Farms’ Omega 3 660mg premium eggs satisfy that demand.

Our flagship brand, Kramer Farms, is very much at home in high-end groceries. The comfortable yet sophisticated branding and packaging has high consumer recognition and appeal.