Prime Foods is one of the largest and most technologically advanced hard-boiled egg facilities in the United States. We care about meeting the current needs of your family and the well-being of generations to follow. We pledge to meet and exceed regulations throughout our processing facility and on our farms.

We take careful consideration to minimize environmental impact and leave a green, ethical footprint via:

  • Recycling programs for corrugated and plastic materials
  • Fuel efficient fleet of tractors & trailers
  • Automated manufacturing systems throughout the plant
  • Water & energy conservation and motion sensors for overhead lighting

In 2019 we recycled over
3 million pounds of eggshells!

The high calcium content makes eggshells a perfect soil supplement for nearby farmlands!

Prime Foods, LLC is proud to be a good neighbor to our fellow Hoosiers and a good steward of the environment. We challenge and expect our food solution partners to hold the same standards for their environmental impact.

"It’s important to us that we make a positive impact on our community and on our planet and that we care for our resources for the next generation."

Jay Kramer, Third-Generation Owner and CEO